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Growth With Guidance

Our infant classrooms serve babies from six weeks through 18 months of age. The day is full of singing, nursery rhymes, and dancing. Based on your child's age, the focus may be on rolling over, sitting up, encouraging crawling or walking, or using a paintbrush to create a masterpiece. Experiences such as filling and dumping empty boxes, blowing and catching bubbles, water play, and pouring un-cooked noodles into different colored and shaped containers support the development of all the domains, no matter your baby’s age.


Learning The Basics

Our toddler classrooms are designed to support children between the ages of 18 months through three years old. The toddler program's goals are to create opportunities for them to build friendships with one another. Toddlers will explore materials to support language, and their daily experiences will encourage independence. Children learn about shapes, colors, and use blocks to count and understand cause and effect, learn about rhyming, and use creativity by playing make-believe.


Success Starts Here

Our preschool classrooms provide meaningful experiences in which children can build upon their developmental domains. The Early Learning Content Standards are our guide in providing authentic academic learning experiences. Our teachers deliberately offer toys to encourage thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, observation, and success. Children's fine motor skills are refined through writing, drawing, and painting. Children learn how to communicate their frustrations, feelings, and needs. We carefully plan experiences and activities to benefit them in kindergarten and beyond.

Parent Testimonials

"The teachers are wonderful and caring, nurturing children like they are their own. My daughter received love and care, gained knowledge, compassion, and understanding while attending TDN. I wish we still lived close enough so that my newest addition could have the same experience.”
- Andrea & Lorelei

“I’ve visited a lot of schools and was feeling like I wouldn’t find a good place until I came to your school. Your program is very inspiring.”

“TDN has cared for my child from the time he was 4 months to his current age, 4yrs. The staff has always been loving and attentive to my child and his needs. They've remained transparent about any changes taking place within the facility and always welcomed any questions or concerns we had regarding our child's care. I have watched my child grow, make friends, and have his own preschool family within his classroom and it makes us very grateful to have found TDN. The teachers and admin alike, are amazing. I can't say enough good things about our experience here!“
-Virginia Fisher

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5.0 stars | 17 reviews
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